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My Game Reach - Call for closed Alpha participants

We’ve just hit an important milestone in the development of My Game Reach and are ready to open up access to a small number of early users. So we’re looking for game developers to join the closed Alpha and help us refine certain aspects of the product offering. To join the Alpha sign up here.

My Game Reach is an online tool which helps you monitor and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing efforts so you can continuously adapt and fine tune your strategy.

My Game Reach closed Alpha signup

My Game Reach high-level roadmap

Here's our high-level roadmap for the next few months.

Although there are so many things needing priority attention right now, we feel it's important for you to see a clear overview of our plans.

Still, there are so many more features and details we want to share with keep an eye out!

My Game Reach roadmap

We're starting a weekly Faction Overlord devstream

This Wednesday 24th February we'll be broadcasting our very first Faction Overlord live devstream! Stephen will be streaming some game programming on his Twitch channel every Wednesday at 11pm CET.

Live streaming was always part of our plans for open development but it kept being put on the backburner. Mostly because we wanted to make sure we could commit to a regular and consistent schedule which provided good value to the stream viewers. Wa also needed to take care of some logistics related to hardware, internet connection strength and reliability, physical space etc... but all that has been sorted out now.

Over time we'll stream more frequently and have non-programming content as well, but for now join us every Wednesday at 11pm CET on Stephen's Twitch channel and don't be afraid to join the discussion in chat!

See you in stream!

Faction Overlord Twitch development stream schedule

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Pixie Software

Let there be

Last week we finally nailed down the art style for Faction Overlord. It is (intentionally) completely different from what we were working with so far. Our choice was based on both artistic and technical considerations i.e. how to best visualise the game in a way which fits our theme yet still allowing us to manipulate graphics in real time as we would like to.

The visuals will be based on geometric art. Something similar to canonical polygons, but allowing for multiple steps to be taken in the same direction. Essentially shapes laid out on a uniform grid with straight edges at 90 and 45 degree angles, which would look something like the images below.

For more details check out these forum posts: Dev progress - Let there be (14/12/15) and Initial concepts.

Concepting - earth elemental
Concepting - fire elemental
Concepting - wind elemental
Concepting - water elemental

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Beta testing program

We are always on the lookout for new individuals to participate in our testing programs. If you're up to the challenge, you can join the team by filling in this form.

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