Pixie Software
Based in Birkirkara, Malta

Founding date:
October, 2012


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Faction Overlord
Toon Merge
Trail Of The Treasure Snatcher

Triq Fleur-de-lys
Birkirkara BKR 9067

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Pixie Software is an independent digital game development studio based in Malta


Early history

Founded in October 2012 by Stephen Caruana, Pixie Software is a one-man independent digital game development studio based in Malta. The studio was off to a good start, after its first game (Toon Merge) was one of the projects chosen to receive funding from the first call of the Malta Digital Games Fund.

MDGF and PixieCon 13

Toon Merge was proposed as a 10 month project for 2013, to be developed within the grant's one year timeframe. However it was clear from the very beginning that things would take much longer than that since it was months before the grant administrators greenlit the start of the selected projects. So in the meantime, Pixie Software decided to start developing Trail of the Treasure Snatcher, a simple project with just a couple of months' development time. Simultaneously the studio started planning PixieCon 13 (a game convention and networking event, the first of its kind in Malta) which was held later that year in October 2013 to huge success. During PixieCon 13 the studio held the soft-launch of Trail of the Treasure Snatcher, making it the first game to be developed by Pixie Software. By that time, the MDGF projects had been given the go ahead, so further plans for Trail of the Treasure Snatcher were put on hold to commence development on Toon Merge.


Whilst Pixie Software remained a one man team, it had developed a small network of frequent collaborators which increased the studio's creative and technical skills. Unfortunately this could not be reflected onto Toon Merge due to the grant's contractual restrictions. By now it had been 18 months since the project was first concieved; work on Toon Merge was already completed but there were still administrative considerations left to handle. This was not the time for the studio to wait on an outdated project to get through the system, so it was decided to reimagine Toon Merge into a completely new, separate game (Faction Overlord) based on the main mechanic from Toon Merge.


Throughout all this, Pixie Software continued to work hard to boost the emerging development community in Malta. In June 2014, Pixie Software partnered up with two other studios to found the Malta Video Game Studio Association, a voluntary non-profit association set up to unite and represent Maltese game development studios. Pixie Software has also set up the Malta Unity User Group and regularly runs one-hour workshops relating to different aspects of game development.



Micro-session at the Malta Unity User Group kick-off event YouTube

PixieCon 13 - Panel discussion on "The State of the Digital Games Industry" YouTube

Trail of the Treasure Snatcher - Teaser trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Europe's 100 most exciting game start-ups" - Develop 100, November 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Gaming pros at con"
    - Kim Dalli, Times of Malta
  • "An interview with Pixie Software's Stephen Caruana"
    - Peter Meadley, Meadleyson

Malta Video Game Studio Association
Pixie Software is one of the founding studios of the Malta Video Game Studio Association, a voluntary, non-profit association set up to unite and represent Maltese game development studios. www.maltavgsa.com.

PixieCon 13
Pixie Software organised Malta's first digital gaming convention, PixieCon 13, which was held on the 5th of October 2013. This event provided an informal setting for developers, artists, designers and other game development professionals in Malta to gather under one roof. www.pixiecon.com.

Malta Unity User Group
The studio set up and coordinates the Malta Unity User Group, which had its kick-off event in December 2014. The MUUG is a local group for Unity users and developers to exchange ideas, share experiences and help each other create awesome games using Unity www.facebook.com.

PixieWorkshops are a series of short monthly talks, discussions and activities relating to different technical aspects of game development. The idea behind these sessions is to foster and maintain an active game development community in Malta, learn from one another, and get more people interested in game development. www.pixiesoftware.com.

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